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See below to view the current positions we are hiring for. Download and complete the application below then either send it to or submit it to the address listed.


Thank you!


Mail to:
The Pub & Restaurant
20 – 22 Lincoln Square
Gettysburg, PA 17325


Jobs Open


  • Creating a positive dining experience for customers with the goal that they return to dine again.

  • Someone who possesses patience, personality, and the ability to multitask.

  • A server is responsible for:

    • Greeting customers with a smile.

    • Being knowledgeable about the menu and specials.

    • Being able to provide detailed information when asked about portions, ingredients, or allergies.

    • Offering menu recommendations when asked.

    • Being a team player and effectively communicating with kitchen staff to make sure orders are accurate and delivered promptly.

    • Entering orders so that they come out in an appropriate time frame.

    • Up-selling items when appropriate.

    • Taking accurate orders when entering them into the POS.

    • Carrying the dirty plates, silverware, and glasses to the appropriate place for cleaning.

    • Checking customers' ID when alcohol is ordered.

    • Delivering orders to the correct table, and ensuring that the food has come out correctly.

    • Checking in on tables to make sure guests are satisfied with their meals.

    • Deliver checks and collect payments




  • A busser contributes to a pleasant dining experience as they are in charge of clearing tables to provide a clean and tidy environment for guests.

  • Bussers are responsible for:

    • Removing used dishes, silverware, glasses, and linens from a table that is done dining.

    • Taking the dishes to the dish room or the bar so that they can be cleaned properly.

    • Emptying the bus pans full of dishes from the bar.

    • Wiping down the tabletop first and then the booths or chairs.

    • Straightening the table cloth.

    • Supporting wait staff by filling guests with empty waters or beverages.

  • Should have great customer service skills, great communication skills, and strong attention to detail.


  • Ensure orders are being prepared with the correct priority.

  • Assist in the final preparation of dishes.

  • Check dishes before delivery to the table for accuracy and presentation. 

  • Communication with the Line and Servers.

  • Be a team player.


  • Responsible for quickly and accurately delivering orders from the kitchen to customers. 

  • Helping Expo with adding the sides to the dishes.

  • Communication with Expo, Severs, and Line.

  • Being a team player, good attitude, and ready to have fun!


  • The Hostess is the first person a guest sees when they walk in the door

  • Always present yourself in a clean, positive & inviting way. 

  • Greet customers with a smile and make eye contact

  • Make sure the customer feels welcomed

  • Document the guest's cell number in the POS if there is a wait for tables. 

  • Text guests when their table is ready

  • Accompany guests to their tables 

  • Communicate with Servers and Bussers

  • Be a team player 

  • Make sure each table is set with the correct number of place settings 

  • Place the correct number of menus per guest

  • Check on tables to make sure their stay with us is a positive experience 

  • Make sure to say goodbye when guests are leaving. 

  • Inquire about their meal & service

  • Wipe down food and bar menus nightly 

  • Before leaving your shift check bathrooms, empty trash, and refill toilet paper

  • Empty hostess trash 

  • Wipe down hostess station 

  • Most important, come to work ready to work hard and have fun!

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